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Car Accident Injuries


Serious motor vehicle collisions require the guidance of an experienced car accident attorney. We have experience and an impressive track record representing people who have suffered significant injuries in auto accidents.

Many times, insurance companies give the public the impression that handling automobile accident claims is a simple matter that does not require the assistance of an attorney. Insurance adjusters are trained to reduce the recoveries of people who are uneducated in handling these types of claims. The only way to make sure that you get fair compensation for your injury is for you to have an attorney who is well prepared and will fight for your rights. Otherwise, you will find yourself at a significant disadvantage in fairly resolving your claim.

2016 Local Statistics on Car Accidents

Polk Hillsborough Pinellas
Total Crashes




Injury Crashes




Total Injuries from Crashes




Crashes with Fatalities




Commercial Vehicle Crashes




Insurance companies often want to take a recorded statement of an unrepresented person so that they can obtain information that can be used against that person. The insurance company will downplay any damage done to the vehicles and assert that there is no way that someone could sustain a personal injury based on such a “minimal” impact. The insurance company will often hire expert witnesses to testify that a person was not injured in a specific automobile collision. The bottom line is they will do everything they can to deny or delay paying on any claim. Our job is to work hard to prevent this from happening.

We urge you call the Brooks Law Group for the experience that you need to help you get fair compensation.

If you are interested in receiving help on your potential claim, please contact us for Free Case Evaluation or call at 1-888-WE-MEAN-IT (888-936-3264).

Please be sure to provide us with as much information as is reasonably available. The quality of our evaluation is dependent upon the accuracy of the information you provide to us.