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Brooks Law Legal Blog

Brooks Law Legal Blog

Car Wreck FAQ’s-Top 5 With Answers!

Categories:Auto Accidents

At Brooks Law group, we know the time following a car accident is stressful. We have compiled the top 5 questions we hear from our new clients and have the answers that will help you get though this uncertain time. We want to help.

Q: If I don’t feel injured after my crash, do I have to see a doctor?

It is highly recommended that both you and your passengers see a doctor after an accident. Doctors can recognize injuries that are not apparent to you. Fees for a doctor visit and medical treatment may be covered by your insurance. Do not settle claims from an accident until a doctor has examined and advised you about the extent of your injuries and treatment options.

Q: What if I believe the accident I was in was at least partly my fault?

Don’t assume fault or partial fault when you have been in an accident. It is difficult to be objective immediately after a crash when you don’t have all of the information. There are many possible causes such as faulty break lights or directional, possible intoxication of the other driver, road issues, all which your attorney can investigate on your behalf. Initial acceptance of blame and apologizing to another driver may be used as evidence against you at trial. Speak to an attorney as soon as possible.

Q: If I was not wearing a seat belt at the time of my accident can I still recover damages?

This depends on the state in which the accident occurred. In some states, if you don’t buckle up; it can negate or reduce any potential for damages recieved. In other states, this may not the case. Your attorney knows what the law is in your state, and will argue for your right to recover damages.

Q: Should I release my medical records to another driver’s insurance adjuster?

No! Medical record releases should only be signed under limited circumstances and only after consulting with your attorney . If your medical information gets into the insurance adjuster’s hands, it could hurt your case.


Q: If I file a personal injury claim after my accident, will I have to go to court?

An attorney knows all the ins and outs of insurance and appropriate negotiation for an acceptable settlement amount for your case. If another driver’s insurance company agrees to pay what your attorney believes your case is worth, and you agree, then your case will not go to court. This is what happens in most situations. Some cases do require litigation. In either situation, hiring a law firm with experience in handling personal injury cases is critical.

We are here to help answer any questions you may have. Call us today at 888-We-Mean-It.


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