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Two Fatal Accidents on I-4

Categories:Auto Accidents

In the early hour of Wednesday morning tragedy struck a 21 year old man on I-4 as he was killed upon impact. Thirty year old Nick Nicholas was driving an unknown SUV westbound at about 5am when he slammed on his brakes causing the victim who drove a Honda Accord to crash into the rear of the SUV. Nicholas was sent to Lakeland Regional Medical Center, it seems as though the deceased 21 year old passed away at the scene. People are speculating that the victim was following too close and that Nicholas was under the influence of alcohol-why else would someone brake so quickly without reason on I-4? Another question is what type of SUV was he driving and was it under a recall for malfunctions? The name of the departed has not yet been released. This news comes less than one week after another tragic accident occurred on I-4 Eastbound in Volusia County. A retired couple, Philip and Judith Rutkowski, were driving their GMC SUV at 9:25pm when a pickup truck lost control in the westbound lane and flipped over the guardrail landing on top of the SUV killing the husband immediately. Judy died upon arrival to the hospital from her injuries. The driver of the pickup was transported to the hospital with serious injuries. Witnesses have stated that Engels made “an abrupt” lane change before losing control of his pickup.

Please be careful on the road, never drink and drive. Give us a call if you are the victim of a vehicle accident as we can help you resolve your claim and get the settlement you deserve.

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