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Aimee Clesi – First Place Winner of the Fall 2018 Scholarship

The Brooks Law Group Scholarship

One of the things that brings me the most joy in my practice is helping others. I’ve spent my career fighting for justice on behalf of our clients for their personal injury, auto accident, social security and wrongful death cases. The Brooks Law Group has been blessed with over 25 years of service to our community. Our firm desires to make an impact in our community and our state beyond offering our legal services.

That’s why we started our biannual scholarship program. Twice a year we award scholarships to Florida students to help them achieve their educational goals. College gets more and more expensive every year and paying for tuition and other expenses adds up fast. Every Fall and Spring, we select two students, either high school seniors or current undergraduate students, and award them with a scholarship to help lessen the financial burden.

This Semester’s Scholarship Winner

I’m blown away every semester by the students that apply to our scholarship. If the essay submissions we receive every year are any indication, the next Florida generation has a bright future ahead! And this Fall’s scholarship winner, Aimee Clesi, is no exception!

This Fall, we asked prospective students to write essays on the topic of motorcycle accidents. They got the opportunity to research the stats, suggest safety measures and apply their knowledge of the law to the essay.

Aimee wrote a fantastic essay that took a deep dive into why motorcycle accidents are so dangerous and how we should be addressing the problem. She even dug up an old patent by an inventor for an inflatable safety suit meant to lessen injuries sustained by motorcyclists. Wow!

We’ll be posting her essay to our blog soon, and we hope you all get as much enjoyment out of her writing as we did.

Student Background

Here’s a little background on who Aimee is and what her future education and career goals are:

My name is Aimee Clesi and I have wanted to be a criminal defense attorney ever since I was a little girl. I grew up watching television shows like Matlock, JAG, and Goliath, which inspired me with climatic trial sequences and determined characters who would stop at nothing in their pursuit of justice for those wrongfully accused. Through the writings and legal rulings of Judge David Irwin of the Georgia Superior Court and United States Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, I have found encouragement as well, but also a great passion for the law.

It has always been my belief that to have an effective justice system, those indicted must be granted strong representation, which is guaranteed by our Constitution, but not always provided. Some question my reasoning, and often ask, “Why defend a criminal?” I must believe that I am defending their rights, not necessarily their actions, which they may or may not be guilty of. It is my philosophy that having a criminal run free, acquitted of all charges, will always be better than having an innocent person locked behind bars.

Perhaps this line of thinking is what made me decide to pursue philosophy and history at the University of Florida. Philosophy, so that I might understand the complexity of an argument and the art of forming one, and history to understand precedent. I realize that the more I learn, the better equipped I will be to defend my clients. I have endeavored to expand my legal knowledge, and for over a year, I have been the student intern at Three Rivers Legal Services while working full time at a grocery store. A free legal clinic, Three Rivers primarily serves indigent clients, and my experience has taught me that, even without having a law degree yet, I can still make a difference in the lives of others.

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