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Why are Intake Specialists so Important?

When we think of calling a lawyer for help we usually desire to speak directly to that lawyer. Often times the lawyer is with clients, in court, or working privately on cases but that should not stand in the way of a potential client being validated. Many law firms advertise on the radio and television yet have not developed a strategy to handle incoming clients. We all know the frustration of calling businesses just to be placed directly on hold as well as the irritation of having to navigate through an automated service. No one likes that. What people like is honesty, personable interaction, and results. A successful lawyer has a unique solution to this dilemma: the Intake Specialist.

The Intake Specialist is the trusted extra set of ears for the lawyer(s). They review the facts about your claim in a friendly way ensuring you are valued. The average Intake Specialist takes multiple calls per day and hears people at their worst as they struggle with unexpected life changes. This position is highly emotional since callers are usually confused, scared, and in pain. This position also requires clerical skills that are detailed with a keen disposition. The intake specialist coordinates schedules for lawyers, staff and clients all while working with your first appointment. They also balance walk-ins, data, marketing, and clerical assistance all while being ready at the drop of a dime for your call. The flow that occurs once a law firm has an Intake Specialist is remarkable-there is no scrambling, there is no confusion, and new marketing opportunities.

Once you, the client, have reviewed your claim with the Intake Specialist then they will set you up with an appointment to come into the office or for a representative to come to your home. Meanwhile, your claim will be reviewed by an attorney who determines the outcome- case or no case. The communication and team work between the attorney and intake specialist must be clear and concise to get results efficiently. Once your claim becomes a case then you will be in the care of a case manager who begins their procedures to move your case along. It all begins with the intake experience. This is what the client will remember and what the attorney will count on.

When you call a law office and it seems like you were just another drop in the bucket then maybe it is time you call Brooks Law Group and experience the difference. 1-888-We-Mean-It

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