Client Testimonials

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Client Testimonials


Christy Lever

If Mr. Brooks Was Here, I’d Give Him A Great Big Hug

Mrs. Lever was walking her dog through her neighborhood, when she took a hard fall. Mrs. Lever’s fall put her “out of commission,”  and she turned to Brooks Law Group for help. Initally, she was shaken up about the incident but she soon “felt secure” as she felt that Brooks Law Group went “above and beyond” for her.

The money she will receive from the settlement is going to help her and her family get back on track and take the burden off of her husband. He will not have to work so many hours and will be able to spend time at home with his family.

Brooks Law Group is a people-first firm and it is our mission statement “to provide the best client experience possible.”

Linda Swindle

I Have Already Recommended Brooks Law Group

Linda Swindle was driving through a Race Trac parking lot with her daughter and grandchildren when she was rear ended by a Dodge Ram truck, which resulted in multiple injuries. Luckily, her daughter and grandchildren were ok – as that was her biggest fear at the time.

She reached out to Brooks Law Group after reading our reviews and looking over the information our website.

Linda gave us a 5 star review and shared that “ Brooks Law Group took care of everything, all I had to do is sit back and give you all a little bit of information.”

She appreciates the effort that the Brooks Law Group put into her case to get it resolved quickly and keeping her informed throughout the entire process. It is our mission statement to “provide the best client experience possible” and it was a pleasure to be able to do that for Mrs. Swindle.


David Elliot

It is Important to Choose a Trustworthy Attorney -link

In David’s situation, he was a victim of texting and driving. The person who rear-ended him was texting on his/her phone at the time of the accident. Mr. Elliot’s car was totaled and he was suffering financially as a result. We see a lot of situations similar to David’s when our clients do not feel any pain from their accident until the next day, or week even. David did not feel any pain until the next day and that is when he went to the emergency room to get checked out by a doctor.

The money that he received as a result of his settlement helped him with a lot of debts and bills that were nagging on him and his family for a while. Mr. Elliot says that it is important to choose a trustworthy attorney because doing the research necessary pays off when you have quality representation like he had with Brooks Law Group. He liked and appreciated the way his case was handled from beginning to end and how he puts it: “They were patient with me when I was not very patient with them.”

Anthony Lopez

They Were Thorough – link

Mr. Lopez’s case was different because it was being handled by another attorney when he came to us. He was working near one of our offices and decided to stop by to see if we could help him since he was not satisfied with his previous representation. One of the attributes that he really appreciated about Brooks Law Group was the thoroughness and attention to detail that the members of the firm demonstrated in their work. He felt like everything was explained to him in such a way that he really knew and understood what was going on with his case.

Joicin Pierre

They Kept Me Informed 

Mr. Pierre was referred to Brooks Law Group by a friend after he was in an automobile accident. He had never been through an experience like this before and he learned a lot about what to do an what not to do about talking to the other party’s insurance company and regarding his medical treatment. Mr. Pierre was very pleased with his experience with Brooks Law Group and would definitely refer his family and friends to our firm if they needed legal representation with a matter like a personal injury injury or Social Security Disability claim.

One of the highlights of Mr. Pierre’s testimonial is that he talks about how he really did not have to call us very much and that we would actually get in touch with him on a regular basis to follow-up and see how he is doing. That is one of the greatest benefits he received from working with Brooks Law Group.

Basil Hurd

Highly Recommend Them To Everyone


Mr. Hurd was driving when the right rear of his vehicle was hit by another vehicle pulling out of a driveway. He was recommended by a friend and was glad that he chose to come to Brooks Law Group. Mr. Hurd feels very good about his experience with Brooks Law Group and has already recommended us to some of his friends.

Mr. Hurd had difficulty in getting his financial/medical needs met by the insurance companies involved in his case and we were able to step in and take care of his Personal Injury case for him. Basil Hurd, has had a couple different cases with Brooks Law Group and has become a member of the Brooks Law Group Family.

Steve Fuhrman

They Exceeded My Expectations 

Mr. Fuhrman was seeking out help for his claim for Social Security Disability. He was highly recommended by several people to go to Brooks Law Group. He was seeking disability because he had a heart attack and was unable to go back to work – which completely devastated him.

Steve Fuhrman had a great experience with Brooks Law Group and stated that the firm exceeded his expectations. In his testimonial, he talks about how we would call him just to see how he was doing. This meant the world to him and he was very pleased with his experience. He felt very strongly about and appreciated our commitment to him as a person and not as a number. To him, that was the most important part of the experience because he felt like he was cared about.  We go that extra mile with all of our clients and with everyone who calls the firm, no matter what type of case it is. Our hope and goal is to always provide “the ultimate client experience.”

Mary Yakovets

They Gave Me “Peace of Mind” 

Mary Yakovets was referred to the firm by her sister who was a previous client of ours who had a great experience with her case. Mary and her two sons were in a car accident where the car was totaled and they all suffered injuries as a result. She was concerned about getting a new vehicle to provide transportation for her and her family and about getting the medical treatment needed to recover.

Brooks Law Group assisted with all of that and provided a way for Mary and her two sons to get the treatment necessary without having to worry about anything. Their only job was to go to the doctor and Brooks Law Group took care of everything else. The most valuable thing that Ms. Yakovets got from Brooks Law Group was “Peace of Mind.” She did not have to worry about insurance or adjusters – we took care of all of that for her and she was very happy about that.

James Davyd Hall

We Feel Like Part of the Family 

James and his wife, Amy were in a head-on collision and were seeking legal advice to help them through their difficult time. They found out that the insurance company was not doing what they thought they were to help them pay all of their medical bills. Mr. Hall appreciates how Brooks Law Group went above and beyond him and his wife’s expectations. In his testimonial, Mr. Hall talks about how we have a great staff, starting with the person who answers the phone.

He mentioned about an experience where Mr. Brooks actually called him back on a Saturday about his case. To him, this showed the ultimate client care and that he was not just a number or another case but that he was a person with a need and what mattered to us most was that he was getting better. Mr. Hall “Davyd” felt like and continues to feel like a part of the Brooks Law Group family. We welcome all of our clients this way and we are very glad to have such a large family and we hope it continues to grow.

Jean Cormier

They are Very Organized and Technologically Advanced 

Mr. Cormier did not really know which law firm to choose for his personal injury claim. He was looking online and decided to choose Brooks Law Group because he read some good reviews about our firm. Jean Cormier was glad he did because he said the service was great.

He was in a car accident and sought our help to help him get money from the insurance company to pay for his medical bills so he could get the treatment he needed to relieve him of the pain he was in from his accident.

Mr. Cormier really liked how organized we were and how he was consistently informed about the status of his case and what was going on with it. He was impressed with how advanced Brooks Law Group is with technology and he was satisfied with our efforts of always putting the client first.

Jason Corder

A “Stress Free” Experience 

Jason Corder was in a motor vehicle accident. He was rear ended, pushed into a median, and his vehicle hit a tree. At the scene of the accident, Jason was taken by ambulance to the emergency room due to his injuries. This was Jason’s first experience with a personal injury claim and he has never had to hire an attorney before for anything like this.

Jason was happy with the way we handled his case for him. He was especially glad that he did not have to miss any work to come and meet with us. Jason’s experience, as he puts it was a “stress-free” one and we are glad to be able to provide that for him and for all of our clients.

Earnest Frazier 

Good Quality People 

Earnest Frazier was riding with a friend as a front seat passenger when a car backed out of a driveway and struck the right rear of the vehicle in 2010. Both he and his friend sustained injuries that required medical treatment.

After hiring Brooks Law Group, Earnest did not have to deal with the insurance company. We took care of everything, and allowed earnest to get better and get back to the normal routine of his daily life.

The most positive take-away we received from Earnest’s testimonial is about how he appreciated the quality of the people and of the service he received from Brooks Law Group. We strive to treat every injured client as we would a family member and to turn our client relationships in to life-long friendships. To hear a client share that this was their experience reinforces our belief that we’re doing something right.