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Brooks Law Legal Blog

Brooks Law Legal Blog

Salt Lake City Coffee Escapade

Categories:Firm News

So, I am in Salt Lake City for a National legal conference of Personal Injury Attorneys. I am staying at the Grand American Hotel in downtown Salt Lake. (The Grand American Hotel was built to help attract the 2002 Winter Olympics to Salt Lake City.) The weather is beautiful (no humidity).

The first morning I was here I took a break to walk through downtown to get some coffee. I walked block after block looking in all directions and still no sign of a coffee shop.

Finally I stopped at a restaurant and asked the server if people in Salt Lake City drank coffee.

She smiled and said, actually no.

She went on to enlighten me that Salt Lake was primarily a Mormon community and that consuming Coffee and Tea was discouraged. Needless to say I felt rather ignorant at this point.

It did make me curious about the Mormon beliefs on health. Mormons believe the body is a precious gift of God and should be treated accordingly. They don’t condone the use of alcohol, tobacco, coffee, tea or illegal drugs. They also eat lots of fruits vegetables, grains and eat meat sparingly.

These are admirable traits which could benefit anyone.

I also toured the temple grounds of the historic Salt Lake Mormon Temple and was fascinated by the lushness and beauty of the 35 acres comprising the temple grounds. Although I may have a different religious background it was educational and informative to visit the largest Mormon community in the world.

So much for my coffee adventure. I need to get back to learning about the latest trends in personal injury law from the talented attorneys, speakers and presenters gathered here from around the country.


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