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Brooks Law Legal Blog

Brooks Law Legal Blog

Steve Brooks Honored In Salt Lake City

Categories:Firm News

Steve Brooks attended a national conference last week in Salt Lake City, Utah. During the conference, he was one of two attorneys honored for their contribution to their profession and the association by over 300 attorneys that also practice Personal Injury Law. Steve has been an active member of this particular association for 6 years.

He travels annually to large summits held at different locations nationwide, like the one this year in Salt Lake City. The group also hosts private events and meetings for its members throughout the year for smaller groups of his peers. The groups discuss the latest trends in Personal Injury Law, the best technology for firm operations, and innovative ideas already implemented by speakers from around the country.

Steve is honored that he was recognized, at this very special event, by his esteemed peers and members of this association.

The members of Brooks Law Group are very proud. Congratulations!



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