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Brooks Law Legal Blog

Brooks Law Legal Blog

BP Oil Spill Claims for Business Owners – 5 Reasons to File Your Claim NOW

Categories:Law in Florida

Do you own a business located in one of the Florida Coastal Counties – Including Hillsborough, Pasco, and Pinellas? If so, it may be in your best interest and the interest of your company to explore the possibility of a BP Oil Spill Claim.

It is very simple to determine if your business passes causation for the unlimited BP Settlement. We urge you to contact us and we will provide you with an excel spreadsheet to input your gross monthly revenues for the years: 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010.

The calculations of the percentages of a very small 15% drop in for 3 consecutive months between May and December 2010 as compared to the same months in either 2009, the average of 2008-2009, or the average of 2007-2009 and a 10% rise in 2011 for the same 3 consecutive months is one way we determine if your business passes the initial causation.

There are other factors that come into play as well in different calculation scenarios such as start-up businesses and failed businesses, so don’t discount the possibility of a claim without thoroughly checking with us first.

5 reasons why you should file your claim now 

  1. Any initial consultation with our firm is free. We will be happy to have our attorneys review your numbers to see if your business passes causation.
  2. It is tax season! There isn’t a better time than now to kill two birds with one stone and submit your monthly gross revenues while you already have the paperwork out (you can even have your CPA do it for you).
  3. The BP Settlement is unlimited. Based on the “Zone” your business is located in will determine the multipliers applied to your revenue loss for 2010.
  4. The percentage in decrease of revenue for 3 consecutive months in 2010 is SO small that a lot of businesses probably pass causation and don’t even know it!
  5. There is a deadline! In April 2014, it will be too late to file anything, so be sure to get your claim started TODAY.

I am sure that after reading this blog, you may have questions regarding the Deepwater Horizon BP Settlement, if your business qualifies, or how much you could be eligible for. I would be happy to answer these questions for you. Call today at 888-We-Mean-It (888-936-3264).

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