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Brooks Law Legal Blog

Brooks Law Legal Blog

Coyotes, Welcome to Pinellas County!

Categories:Law in Florida

As you all know, Florida is known for it’s Alligators and Mosquitoes…but there is a new friend in town and that is Mr. Coyote.  He may seem like a friend but it is important to keep your guard up when one is near.  As reported from the Tampa Tribune, an average of 1 coyote per day has been spotted in Pinellas County since 2009.  There really haven’t been too many brutal cases dealing with encounters with coyotes, but there is potential for them.

First, even though you may not live in Pinellas County, it is official that coyotes have made there home here in Florida, therefore they are capable of being in ANY county…especially centrally located ones.

We here at the Brooks Law Group would like to give you a couple suggestions in dealing with our new “friends.” One suggestion is to keep a close eye on small pets (keep them on a short leash)  since coyotes have been known and reported to attack and eat them since they are semi-carnivorous creatures and to keep pet food in the house. Also, it is suggested to keep your grass cut short and to keep fallen fruit out of your yard.

These scenarios are attractive to coyotes and if you fear being in contact with them; the less appealing a scenario for them, the better.

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