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Brooks Law Legal Blog

Brooks Law Legal Blog

Wrong Way Accidents Tampa Bay

Categories:Law in Florida

A peculiar amount of wrong way accidents have occurred across the greater Tampa Bay region last month. On April 21, there were two wrong way accidents within one hour of each other and only 7 miles apart. The driver of the first incident was arrested for a DUI, luckily no one was injured as he drove northbound in the Dale Mabry southbound lane. Less than one hour later a BMW was pulled over because it was travelling the wrong way on Interstate 275 causing two vehicles to collide in an effort to avoid the BMW. The driver, David Paul McGinnis was not under the influence rather he entered the interstate from an off-ramp and was going the wrong way. The two vehicles that collided were a Nissan and a Volkswagen and in this unique circumstance they could be covered under the BMW’s insurance policy for the damages. However, there is a possibility that the Volkswagen driver who rear-ended the Nissan could be partially at-fault for the accident-it is a unique situation that insurance companies and experienced lawyers know how to work. In a crisis moment like this there are many factors at play including, high speeds, adrenaline, evasive action, and quick thinking.

In the 3rd week of April, a woman caused 3 separate accidents on I-4 as she traveled westbound in the eastbound lane for five miles through Orlando. The woman, Gloria Marcial, died in the hospital after causing serious injuries to Ralph Walters who remains in the hospital after the head-on collision. The reason for her dangerous drive is unknown but her driving history reflects poor decisions with a DUI in 2008.

If you are involved in a wrong way accident, even if the other vehicle did not impact yours, contact the police immediately. If you are injured in any type of accident caused by another person’s negligence, the best thing to do is call 1-888-We-Mean-It (888-936-3264) and get the answers and help you need from one of Brooks Law Group’s experienced Attorneys.

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