At our firm, we don’t give up. When a claimant who needs and deserves Social Security Disability benefits has a denied application and a denial from the administrative law judge, our Social Security Disability and SSI attorneys remain determined. We will appeal the disability denial to the Appeals Council on our claimant’s behalf.

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We have helped thousands of claimants through the Social Security Disability appeals process. We know the law and we know how various jurisdictions all around the United States handle cases. If there is any way possible to win the disability benefits you need, we will find it.

– The Appeals Council will review the administrative law judge’s (ALJ) decision for any procedural error.
– Our Social Security Disability lawyer will write any necessary briefs for the Council.
– If there is new evidence in your case, our attorney will submit it to the Council.

The appeals process can be long and difficult in a Social Security Disability Insurance benefits case, but you can be sure we know the process well. Our Social Security Disability law firm will stay with you throughout your appeals, reevaluate your situation often, and search for ways to win the benefits you need for your disability.

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