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Social Security Disability Dire Need Cases

Have you been denied benefits?

If there is any possible way to win your case, we’ll work hard to find it.

Even in the best of circumstances, the Social Security Disability claim process takes a long time. For the disabled person who cannot work, has bills to pay, and has no other source of income, how can he or she wait for a lengthy review process? The Social Security Administration (SSA) does have a provision for dire need cases.

Our Social Security Disability attorneys can draft a Social Security dire need memorandum that will describe your circumstances and press for an early review of your case.

Since we specialize in Social Security Disability Insurance and SSI claims, we know how difficult life can be when you can no longer work.

After handling thousands of Social Security Disability cases, we know how hard claimants try to help themselves. Some manage to work a little (this is allowed within limits). Others often have to borrow money or live with relatives. Some lose their homes and marriages because of the stress lack of income causes.

Many need health care that they cannot afford. The Brooks Law Group nationwide network of representatives can help you find a free clinic in your area to help you until your benefit claim is approved.

If you have a dire need for Social Security Disability benefits:

Please reach out to one of our SSDI attorneys. We will bring your situation to the attention of the proper authorities by assisting with a Social Security dire need letter, or memorandum.

Any initial consultation with our firm is free. For more information, call us at 1-888-WE-MEAN-IT (888-936-3264), or contact us by e-mail.

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