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Brooks Law Legal Blog

Brooks Law Legal Blog

Mandatory Bodily Injury Coverage…Good or Bad?

Categories:Auto Accidents, Law in Florida, Motorcycle Accidents

The Florida legislature is currently considering a bill that provides meaningful protections for Florida drivers.  The bill would provide for $25,000 in mandatory Bodily Injury coverage. Florida is one of the few states in the country that currently don’t require drivers to carry Bodily Injury coverage (BI). Bodily Injury Insurance covers the insured driver if they are at fault in an accident.

What are the positives of the proposed change?  

  • More Protection – It means if you are injured by another driver’s negligence you will have more protection to cover your medical bills and pain and suffering.
  • Less Cost – If you currently carry Bodily Injury coverage your actual cost of insurance will possibly go down.

 Are there any negatives?

  • More Cost for some – If you do not currently carry Bodily Injury coverage, your insurance costs will rise.

This bill has bi-partisan support and appears to have support from both the plaintiff and defense bar.  In my opinion, this is a step in the right direction as it will provide more protection for individuals injured on Florida Roads.

Overall, this is a thumbs-up. Please consider contacting your state legislator and/or state senator to support mandatory BI in Florida.

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