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Motorcyclists, look Twice for Vehicles!

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We all know the importance of checking twice for motorcycles. The need to be absolutely certain that there is not a quiet easy rider cruising in your blind spot before you change lanes is crucial. But, we often see motorcyclists driving irrationally in traffic. This weekend there were two fatalities on busy roads in the Tampa Bay Area and both incidents require investigation into the driving of the deceased.

A 22 year old man, Jimmie Allen Hawk, was weaving in and out of traffic at high speeds on his 1995 Honda sport motorcycle in St. Petersburg on Sunday May 3rd. According to witnesses, Mr. Hawk even rode his Honda bike between vehicles along the lane dividing line. He ramped up his speed before crashing into a Chevrolet Cobalt that was making a Left turn across the two eastbound lanes of traffic. The witnesses who shared the road with Mr. Hawk said he was driving aggressively and at high rates of speed which means the driver of the Chevrolet probably  had no indication that a motorcycle was about to zip out from the middle of two vehicles. Practicing safe driving only goes so far if other vehicles are not doing it-including motorcycles. Unfortunately in circumstances such as this, his family will have to endure the suffering of losing their son to his own hand. Witness statements can hold a strong punch when officials are investigating auto accidents with fatalities.

On Tuesday May 5th on I-4 in Polk County a 34 year old motorcyclist, Donald Dewitt Smith was witnessed speeding shortly before he impacted the rear of a semi-truck. The motorcyclist was switching lanes when the accident occurred. According to witnesses he was travelling in excess of the speed limit shortly before his fatal accident. Donald hit the rear of the tractor trailer. The impact ejected him from the motorcycle where he died at the scene. The 35 year old semi driver stayed at the scene and was not injured, so far alcohol has been ruled out as a factor. Again, we are told by witnesses that the motorcyclist was speeding.

Friday May 8th another motorcyclist was killed in Polk County. Timothy J. Reeves of Lake Alfred was travelling east on SR 600 at two in the morning when he ran a red light and impacted the rear of a Pontiac turning south onto SR 555 with the green light. The 45 year old motorcyclist died at the scene.

If you are a motorcyclist driving without insurance, now is the time to call an agent and get yourself covered. The joy riding is fun but not when someone gets hurt or is killed. We must respect every vehicle on the road from bikes to tractor-trailers and even pedestrians-that is the only way to make a safer commute for everyone. Abiding the laws, wearing seat belts and helmets, but most importantly being aware of our surroundings.

If you or someone you love has been killed or injured in a motorcycle accident give us a call, let us mean business for you. 1-888-We-Mean-It.  Stay tuned for our book we will be launching on June 1st for Motorcycle Awareness Month titled: “Florida Motorcycle Accidents  – 200 Riding Tips, Insurance Advice & Practical Suggestions”

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