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Case Results


At The Brooks Law Group we understand that when it comes to your lawsuit you are interested in results. At The Brooks Law Group, you can rest assured that when it comes to results we don’t fool around Our “People First” approach ensures that we are committed to representing your case from beginning to the final verdict. We will fight on your behalf for a positive verdict to your case.

At The Brooks Law Group we are not afraid to take your case to trial seeking a verdict. However, we also understand when a settlement can be a more favorable outcome to your law suit.

Our results are reflected in Stephen K. Brooks* being approved as a Life Member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum. This elite group makes up less than 1% of the attorneys in the U.S. Members of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum have won million or multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements for their clients. The Lakeland Brooks Law Group is very excited to share this achievement by providing ethical representation of your case with an expectation of victory.

Some of our recent recoveries are listed below:

  • Motorcycle Accident$650,000 recovered for injuries as a result of a motorcycle accident.
  • Personal Injury – $1,050,000.00 settlement of a claim from a trucking company that originally denied that they employed the truck driver involved in the accident and further took the position that there was not any negligence on the truck driver’s behalf because our client was a passenger of a vehicle that negligently pulled into traffic cutting off a tracker trailer. The settlement was paid by the alleged employer of the tractor trailer driver after we discovered evidence that the injured truck driver they claimed was not one of their employees had filed an action against them for failing to pay workers compensation to him for his injuries in this action. Also, we discovered evidence tending to indicate that the truck driver was driving at an excessive speed. We also uncovered evidence that the truck driver failed to take evasive actions to avoid the vehicle that had pulled in front of him.
  • Personal Injury – over $600,000 recovered for fractured femur resulting from a car accident.
  • No Workers Comp Coverage or Safe Vehicle On the job$2,164,541.98 – Our client was injured in one-vehicle accident while he was on the job driving the vehicle that was provided to him by his employer. He alleged that this vehicle was not maintained or serviced properly and was unsafe to drive. At the trial, the Verdict was $1,082,270.99 against the owner acting as managing agent of the company because he failed to provide workers compensation coverage to this employee and he sent him out in a vehicle that was unsafe for the road. An additional Verdict was $1,082,270.99 against the company for failing to provide workers compensation coverage and provided him with a vehicle that was unsafe for the road.
  • Case Involving Doctor DUI – trial verdict of $1,022,197.60 – Our client, while driving in the slower lane during a rain storm, was side-swiped and pushed off the road by a doctor that fell asleep while driving under the influence of sleep medication. State Attorney couldn’t prove the DUI aspect of the case, but we did. State Farm’s highest offer was $40,000.
  • Wrongful Death – $2,250,000 recovered for the wrongful death of a child.   The child was a passenger in a pickup truck when a commercial vehicle traveling in the opposite direction made a turn in front of our clients vehicle.
  • Insurer Had No Proof of UM Rejection$10,000 – Our client’s insurer failed to follow the law on UM waivers so we collected $10,000.00 in UM. The insurer claimed the client had no UM coverage… but couldn’t provide a signed UM rejection form.
  • Wrongful Death – over $500,000 recovered for the wrongful death of an adult male.
  • Soft-tissue Injury Case $93,790.45 – Our client, a school bus driver, was rear-ended by a pick-up truck while slowing down for traffic. This resulted in soft tissue injuries to her shoulder and back. State Farms top offer leading up to trial was $5,500. State farm then offered to settle the day before the trial for $12,500. The Verdict at trial was $48,000.00. Court awarded fees plus costs to our client were $45,790.45. The total for the client (before PIP setoff) was $93,790.45. (To explain the fees and costs awarded to our client by the court: we can use a legal mechanism called a PFS (Proposal for Settlement). When we file a PFS to settle a case…say for $10,000 and the insurance company does not pay us that money within 60 days and then, our verdict at trial exceeds the PFS amount by 25%, i.e. in this example, a verdict greater than $12,500; then we get to petition the court for attorney fees from the date of the PFS. These fees do not go in our pocket. The fees go toward the gross recovery for the client’s case. In this example, if we got a verdict of $12,501, we could petition the court for fees for all of our time after the PFS. Let’s say that amount totaled $20,000 in fees. So the gross recovery for the client would be $12,501 + $20,000 = $32,501. We would then take our fee percentage out of the $32,501.)
  • Medical Malpractice – over $2,000,000 recovered in a medical malpractice lawsuit involving the negligence of a neurologist resulting in vision problems.
  • Medical Malpractice$1,000,000 recovery to an elderly female who had problems after colon surgery.
  • Motorcycle Accident Case – Won $900,000 after two trials and an appeal – our client’s leg was fractured in 12 places when the driver of a car hit the rear wheel of his motorcycle sending our client across two lanes of traffic and onto a curb. State Farm Policy limits were $25,000.00. We demanded $25,000.00. State Farm offered $0.00. After 6 surgeries, two trials and an appeal we collected $900,000.00.
  • Wrongful Death$460,000 recovered. This case involved a elderly male  pedestrian who was hit by a commercial vehicle backing across a parking lot.  Comparative negligence may have been a factor.
  • Personal Injury$450,000 recovered for a pedestrian injury in Polk County
  • Personal Injury$200,000 recovered for the fractured skull of an elderly man involved in a t-bone collision
  • Medical Malpractice$165,000 recovered for a spinal surgery
  • Personal Injury$100,000 recovered for spinal injury
  • Wrongful Death$1,000,000 recovered on behalf of 35 y.o. male killed by a Semi-Tractor Trailer that rear-ended his vehicle traveling on a major Florida interstate.
  • Wrongful Death  (Aviation accident) –  Confidential settlement against the pilots estate, on behalf of the estate of a passenger in a helicopter crash involving Pilot error.
  • Bad Faith Claim –  Confidential settlement of bad faith claim against a major Florida Insurance Company who failed to negotiate a mold case  in good faith.  We ultimately took the case to trial and obtained a verdict in excess of policy limits. We also collected over $100,000 in attorneys fees b/c the insurance company didn’t settle when they could and should have.

Many more claims have resulted in settlements for spinal injuries, car accidents, and more, resulting in millions of dollars.

When you are searching for a personal injury law firm to represent you, ask about their actual recoveries. Although the amount of damages won is important; we are proud to say that we collect those damages for clients. In fact, so many of our clients are satisfied with us that they refer us to their family members and co-workers requiring a personal injury lawyer in Lakeland. If you are interested in learning more about our results, or would like to appeal a decision you were unhappy with, call us for advice or a second opinion.

Please contact us at 888-WE-MEAN-IT (888-936-3264), or complete our contact web form. At The Brooks Law Group “We Mean Business” and would appreciate the opportunity to show you what we can do for your personal injury law suit.