Auto Accidents

Did you know …. Every 3 hours someone in the United States is hit by a train?* Among the most dangerous states for railroad related injuries, Florida ranks 9th in the nation for railroad crossing accidents.… Continue Reading →

It is not secret that semi trucks pose a serious risk on the road. Whether it be fatal or an injury, semi truck accidents can be avoided with the proper steps. As such, understanding how… Continue Reading →

5 Tips to Avoid a Commercial Truck Accident

by on Thursday, April 14, 2016  —  Semi Truck Accidents

Commercial truck accidents are not something we think about every day. Once you are involved in one; however, it can consume your every thought until your car is fixed and your injuries are healed. That… Continue Reading →

Step by Step: You’ve been hit by a truck! What do you do next

by on Friday, April 8, 2016  —  Semi Truck Accidents

Accidents involving commercial trucks are among the most serious auto accidents on our highways. Being a victim of a truck crash can leave you particularly shaken. Whether it results in property damage, injuries or the… Continue Reading →

Truck Accidents and Losing a Loved One

by on Friday, March 11, 2016  —  Semi Truck Accidents

Imagine saying goodbye to your significant other as they leave for a few hours only to find they would never return home. That is exactly what happened to Bonnie Clark. Wiley Clark was married to… Continue Reading →

With Winter Weather Comes an Increase In Truck Accidents

by on Tuesday, February 2, 2016  —  Semi Truck Accidents

  This time of year brings unpredictable weather all across the United States. Living in Florida, we get more rain than anything. But in Pennsylvania, it’s the snow that is wreaking havoc for drivers. Matthew,… Continue Reading →