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Brooks Law Legal Blog

Who is at Fault in a Truck Accident?

Categories:Semi Truck Accidents

A few weeks ago, we posted a blog about a serious truck accident which injured famous comedian Tracy Morgan and killed famous comedian James McNair. It was a tragic accident that was reported on several different news sources and the actual filing of the personal injury lawsuit was recently reported on Friday, July 11th on The HOLLYWOOD REPORTER.

News was released to support Tracy Morgan’s suit against Walmart which alleged that Walmart “either knew or should have known” that it was “unreasonable” for Roper, the truck driver and cause of the accident, to drive 700 miles before his shift. It was reported that he fell asleep at the wheel and was previously driving 65mph in a 45mph zone, thus causing the accident. The suit that has been filed on Walmart states that the corporation turns a “blind eye” to workers who go against regulations regarding shift limits set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. It states that “Walmart not only failed to condemn, but condoned this practice of its drivers routinely violating the F.M.S.C.A. Regulations.”

It was stated in this report that Roper plead “not guilty” to death by auto and assault by auto charges. We will continue to keep you informed about cases like this and the progress of this case specifically. Driver fatigue among truck drivers nationally has been a “#1 cause” of tractor-trailer accidents and we represent and help victims like Tracy Morgan get the compensation they deserve when a serious injury occurs as a result of  negligence. In this case, the company who employs driver is being sued and there are other truck accident cases where one company hires another company for a trucking service and in those situations, the hiring company could be the one at fault. It all depends on the specs of  the situation and we succeed in examining all aspects of truck accident cases to really determine who is “at fault” and where negligence can be determined.

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