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Gary Hammond

February the 8th, 2015, a motor home pulled out in front of Gary on his Harley Davidson and he had no time to do anything but hit him. He compound fractured his right tibia in two places and broke it in a third place. He also fractured his pelvis and broke his left wrist and hand. He was in the trauma center for three weeks and in rehab for five weeks while suffering through a lot of pain. And here it is 11 months later and he’s doing excellent. He is walking good and playing guitar again. Gary owns a new home that’s bought and paid for and a new truck that’s bought and paid for and is fortunate to have some money in the bank. All of this he attributes to Steve Brooks and letting him handle his case.

Steve Brooks and Gary Hammond been friends for quite a few years so Gary already had trust in him as a friend and knew he could trust him with his case. When Gary was in the hospital Steve went to visit him, as a friend not as an attorney. Gary hadn’t even thought that he might get something out of the deal until that time because he was more worried about the pain and his health. Gary asked Steve if he thought there was anything he could do with his case and of course Steve answered yes. Gary told him he would appreciate it if he would be the one to take over his case and so Steve brought him the paperwork directly to the hospital the next day and began to work on the case. Gary trusted him, and Steve says that was one of the reasons the case went so well, that he totally left it to him and his discretion to handle the case to the way he thought would work out best for Gary. It worked out perfectly.

Gary Hammond was an extremely active man before his accident. He enjoyed hiking with his dog and playing music on his guitar. One of Gary’s biggest fears was that he would never be able to play the guitar again with his left hand, or use his leg to hike and carry a 50 pound backpack on his back. All of these are worries he is no longer concerned about because of his experience at Brooks Law Group. He left all of his fighting up to Steve Brooks and the firm and was able to focus on his recovery and still receive the amazing blessings that came out of his case.

He tells friends and family that Steve Brooks is the man. He says all you have to do is give Steve Brooks his baseball bat and turn him loose and let him do his thing. Steve is totally trustworthy and honest and anytime Gary had a question he would answer the phone. He didn’t have to wait days to get a message back to him. He was contacted immediately if he didn’t get him on that initial call. Gary states that most of his interactions with lawyers have been negative but he did not have one negative experience with the Brooks Law Group.

Gary is a very happy man and fully pleased with the life he lives today all thanks to the Brooks Law Group.

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