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Mr. James Davyd Hall

James and his wife, Amy were in a head-on collision and were seeking legal advice to help them through their difficult time. They found out that the insurance company was not doing what they thought they were to help them pay all of their medical bills. Mr. Hall appreciates how Brooks Law Group went above and beyond him and his wife’s expectations. In his testimonial, Mr. Hall talks about how we have a great staff, starting with the person who answers the phone.

He mentioned about an experience where Mr. Brooks actually called him back on a Saturday about his case. To him, this showed the ultimate client care and that he was not just a number or another case but that he was a person with a need and what mattered to us most was that he was getting better. Mr. Hall “Davyd” felt like and continues to feel like a part of the Brooks Law Group family. We welcome all of our clients this way and we are very glad to have such a large family and we hope it continues to grow.

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Brooks Law Group is a BBB Accredited Lawyer in Winter Haven, FL