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Janice & Joseph D.

Janice & Joseph Davis

After being rear-ended while waiting for a light, Janice & Joseph Davis brought their case to the Brooks Law Group. After a pleasant experience with a field representative, the Janice & Joseph decided that Brooks Law Group was where they needed to be.

In Joseph’s words, “it was just like being with family.” After coming to Brooks Law Group, the Davis family found a law firm that had similar ideals as they did. A focus on faith and family values, and it was easy to relax and just let the attorneys and staff at Brooks do what needed to be done to see the case through to the finish.


“As we were coming down 1st St, was it?”

“Yeah, coming down that.”

“We were stopped. We were at the light, and were going to make a left turn on our way to go home. We were sitting still and someone slammed in the back of us. Really, really hard. So hard, that it actually pushed the car and we jerked. So we had the police come out, and wrote up his report. After that, we decided we needed to try and seek some attorney help, which led us to Brooks Law Group. The representative that came out to my house, he was such a professional and so patient and so nice. The visit with him helped us to make the decision to go with Brooks Law Group. So that was really, really good. He was very knowledgeable. He explained a lot that we probably didn’t know. We wouldn’t have known had he not explained it. We wouldn’t have even thought of it, you know? So that went very well, and that’s what led us here.”

“We let them do their job and we just stayed out of the way. They were courteous, very kind, even to our grandchildren. They offered them drinks and stuff like that. Kids just loved that, you know? It was just like being with family.”

“My experience with Brooks Law Group was awesome. Never, ever, ever had a case where I had a law firm to have prayer after we get ready to exit. I just appreciated it so much because it’s only because of Jesus that we live, move, and have our being. It was him that was directing our lawyer with our case. Everything just went so smooth. I want to say thank you to them first of all. Thank you to God, thank you to them, and thank you for the staff here at Brooks Law Group. Everybody played their part, did what they needed to do, and because of it, we’re leaving here with a little change in our pocket.”

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