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Michelle Schaal

Michelle Schaal was about 3 months into her job as a realtor when she was waiting for a buyer and was hit head on by a women reaching into her purse while driving. Ms. Schaal did not realize the extent of her injuries when the crash first happened. She also was not expecting her insurance company to not be on her side with the claim. Luckily, Ms. Schaal called the Brooks Law Group and was able to focus on getting her life back while Steve Brooks worked on her case.

Ms. Schaal expressed that the Brooks Law Group did a great job for her because she had so much paperwork that would never have been able to figure out on her own. Steve Brooks came to her side and walked her through the entire process. He lived up to his mission statement and Ms. Schaal received a great client experience. She urges anyone that has been in an accident to call up the Brooks Law Group and see how they can help during the stressful time following an accident.

This was Ms. Schaal’s first experience with an attorney and she is happy that it was a great one. She has gotten peace of mind from working with the Brooks Law Group and is now able to get the surgery she needs and get back to work doing what she loves.

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