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Nov 3, 2015

Grateful Personal Injury Client - William Wool

If you were in injured an accident wouldn’t you want your attorney to exceed your expectations. William Wool a Brooks Law Group personal injury client describes his experience with the Brooks Law Group. I was riding in a bike lane one day and a car veered off into the bike…

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Aug 1, 2014

Couldn’t Do it Without Us - Teresa Vaughn

Teresa Vaughn was a personal injury client of Brooks Law Group. She is one of our “live-long” clients who was happy with her experience with Brooks Law Group initially and came back for assistance with a different legal matter. She shares about her pleasant experience in this video testimonial. Teresa…

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Oct 17, 2013

It is Important to Choose a Trustworthy Attorney - Mr. David Elliot

In David Elliot’s situation, he was a victim of texting and driving. The person who rear-ended him was texting on his/her phone at the time of the accident. Mr. Elliot’s car was totaled and he was suffering financially as a result. We see a lot of situations similar to David’s…

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May 8, 2013

They Were Thorough - Mr. Anthony Lopez

Mr. Anthony Lopez’s case was different because it was being handled by another attorney when he came to us. He was working near one of our offices and decided to stop by to see if we could help him since he was not satisfied with his previous representation. One of…

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Apr 12, 2013

They Kept Me Informed - Mr. Joicin Pierre

Mr. Joicin Pierre was referred to Brooks Law Group by a friend after he was in an automobile accident. He had never been through an experience like this before and he learned a lot about what to do an what not to do about talking to the other party’s insurance…

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Dec 13, 2012

Highly Recommend Them To Everyone - Mr. Basil Hurd

Mr. Basil Hurd was driving when the right rear of his vehicle was hit by another vehicle pulling out of a driveway. He was recommended by a friend and was glad that he chose to come to Brooks Law Group. Mr. Hurd feels very good about his experience with Brooks…

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Oct 12, 2012

They Exceeded My Expectations - Mr. Steve Fuhrman

Mr. Steve Fuhrman was seeking out help for his claim for Social Security Disability. He was highly recommended by several people to go to Brooks Law Group. He was seeking disability because he had a heart attack and was unable to go back to work – which completely devastated him….

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Sep 10, 2012

They Gave Me “Peace of Mind” - Mrs. Mary Yakovets

Mary Yakovets was referred to the firm by her sister who was a previous client of ours who had a great experience with her case. Mary and her two sons were in a car accident where the car was totaled and they all suffered injuries as a result. She was…

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Jul 18, 2012

We Feel Like Part of the Family - Mr. James Davyd Hall

James and his wife, Amy were in a head-on collision and were seeking legal advice to help them through their difficult time. They found out that the insurance company was not doing what they thought they were to help them pay all of their medical bills. Mr. Hall appreciates how…

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May 9, 2012

They are Very Organized and Technologically Advanced - Mr. Jean Cormier

Mr. Cormier did not really know which law firm to choose for his personal injury claim. He was looking online and decided to choose Brooks Law Group because he read some good reviews about our firm. Jean Cormier was glad he did because he said the service was great. He…

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