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William Wool

If you were in injured an accident wouldn’t you want your attorney to exceed your expectations. William Wool a Brooks Law Group personal injury client describes his experience with the Brooks Law Group.

I was riding in a bike lane one day and a car veered off into the bike lane and hit me. I was unconscious, I woke up in an ambulance. I had three broken bones in my leg, severe gashes and cuts to my face, to my ear, and to my leg. I really was at a lost for what to do. I came in the emergency room. I came to the emergency room actually and a friend of mine, I called to have him come and be with me, and he said that he had a good experience with Brooks Law Group and if he wanted me to call him I would and I said yeah. I really didn’t know what to do or where to go or anything so an investigator showed up and talked to me about Brooks Law Group, took some photos, and I signed some forms and that was about a year and a half ago, almost two years ago now, and my experience has been good. I couldn’t be happier.

Well, trust in anybody that you are dealing with personally or is going to have an effect in your life is important and an Attorney is probably one of the more important decisions that I will ever make. Fortunately, with my experience with Stephen Brooks Law Group was excellent.

I’m not a paper work person and Brooks Law Group took over everything. When the medical facilities where I was treating with started calling me I just told them that I had an Attorney and I never heard from them again. My life has been carefree, they have taken care of everything.

I had a very good client experience. I couldn’t say any more about it, it’s been great.

They did look out for my best interest. I’ll say that, they were very professional.

Thank you very much, it’s beyond my expectations, the settlement you allowed me to get.

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