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What is a Deposition?

by on Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Florida personal injury wrongful death attorney Steve Brooks discusses the stages of a personal injury case, in particular, a deposition.

A deposition is a Q & A session in which the attorney for the other party gets to ask you any question they want. As your lawyer, I’m allowed to object at anything I don’t think is appropriate to your case. Appearing for a deposition is very important as the other side is entitled to know several things about your case. These things can include the extent of your damages, how much money you’re looking for, and how the injury has affected your life and work. All of this testimony is under oath, because the attorneys need to know you’re telling the truth. If you change what you say from the deposition to the trial, it can be used against you. This is why being prepared for a deposition is crucial — and we can help. Watch the video to learn more.

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