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Personal Injury, Wrongful Death.. What DOES that mean?

by on Wednesday, July 5, 2017  —  Working with an Attorney

Personal Injury:

Personal injury cases may come in the form of:

Personal injury cases can be resolved in two ways. The first way a case can be resolved is through a settlement prior to going to court.  The second is that court may rule on the case if such case reaches a trial after a failed attempt to settle. If the person accused believes he or she may lose a case, they may settle with the party accusing them, Settlements involve an agreement between both sides and compensation for the party that filed the suit. If you believe that you or a loved has been a victim to someone else’s wrongdoing, whether it be an automobile accident, or a slip or fall, do not hesitate to call a personal injury attorney. At the Brooks Law Group, our attorneys handle a plethora of personal injury cases every year and satisfy our customers to the fullest extent. We have won millions of dollars for our customers through civil proceedings and settlements. Our expertise ensures that you get the compensation you deserve.

Wrongful Death:

Another type of civil suit that may be filed is known as wrongful death. According FindLaw, wrongful death suits may be filed “when a person dies or is killed due to the negligence or misconduct of another, including murder.” In order to prove wrongful death, the plaintiff must prove, by the preponderance of the evidence, that the defendant, or the accused, had a duty of reasonable care and breached that duty. An example of wrongful death cases may include death resulting from the following:

Because wrongful death cases can become emotionally straining, having a proven attorney is paramount in finding the justice you deserve. Family members of the deceased family pursue wrongful death cases in order to find peace after the death of a loved one. If you have lost a loved one due to someone else’s negligence, misconduct, or malice, do not hesitate to contact an attorney. Many times, the lost loved one provided great financial support to the family. As such, filing and winning a suit could mean having money to maintain a family. The Brooks Law Group understands the value of life and will not rest until you get the money you deserve. Please call our office at 1-863-299-1962 to speak to one of our attorneys, and fill a free case evaluation on our website.